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Here are all of the services AJ’s Plumbing offers

Services we offer

We Offer Complete Plumbing Solutions

Your plumbing system is used daily – we understand it’s vital all issues are resolved quickly and with precision. AJ’S Plumbing has the expertise to resolve all plumbing issues ranging from leaky faucets, toilet replacements, to full home renovations. No job is too small – give us a call today!





Tub and shower

Leak prevention

Water line install & repair

Appliance installation

Water pressure

Shut off valves



Sump pump

Installation and repairs

Renovation and home improvement

Services we offer

We Offer Complete Drain Cleaning Solutions

Drop something down your sink? Flushed something you shouldn’t have down the toilet? Or simply getting tired of that slow kitchen drain? Plumbing drains are constantly removing our wastewater safely away from our property and into city sewers. Overtime debris can build up and major blockage can be a real headache. With specialized sewer equipment, we can remove grease build-up, cut and remove roots from sewer pipe, and visually confirm your drains are flowing with our state-of-the-art sewer camera. Give us a call today and we will make your drains happy again!



Tub & shower

Floor drain

Sewer main

Perimeter storm drain

Sewer sump

Storm sump

Camera inspection

Underground sewer-pipe locations

Drain maintenance

Parkade drain maintenance

Drain repair

Sump pump (storm & sewer)

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Don’t panic, our expert plumbers are available 24/7 to provide emergency services. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a clogged drain, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now for reliable and prompt assistance.